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cellasys, Technische Universität München and MatTek In Vitro Life Science Laboratories present recent updates about our “Tissue-on-a-Chip” at the 22nd European Congress on Alternatives to Animal Testing: Tissue-on-a-Chip In this study we demonstrate a microphysiometric system based on IMOLA‑IVD device that will allow real-time measurement of multiple parameters in human small intestine tissue model (EpiIntestinalTM). […]

Animal Experimentation: Working Towards a Paradigm Change

Workshop und deutsche Buchpremiere am 14. und 15. Juni in München Tierversuche zählen zu den umstrittensten Praktiken, in denen wir Tiere nutzen, insbesondere weil den Tieren hier absichtlich Schmerzen, Leiden und Schäden zugefügt werden – mit der Begründung eines möglichen Erkenntnisgewinns für den Menschen. An dieser Rechtfertigung für die Unerlässlichkeit von Tierversuchen hat sich wenig […]

Cells and tissue as prediction model at EMBC 2019

The combination of classical engineering disciplines and knowledge from cell biology allows the construction of physiologically relevant models to predict processes in the human body in-vitro. In the symposium different aspects of tissue-on-a-chip systems are presented. These include a biopsy-based approach to develop personalized therapies for cancer patients. A bone-on-a-chip that allows the investigation of […]

Proliferation characteristics

Gilbert, D.F., Mofrad, S.A., Friedrich, O., Wiest, J.: Proliferation characteristics of cells cultured under periodic versus static conditions, Cytotechnology, 2018, doi:10.1007/s10616-018-0263-z

The Lush Prize Conference 2018

Meet us at The Lush Prize Conference 2018. Welcome to Berlin for The Lush Prize Conference 2018: Is there an end in sight for animal testing? Can Organ-on-a-Chip replace animal use in safety testing with advanced human focused approaches?

12th Annual BioProcessing Network Conference

The 12th Annual BioProcessing Network Conference will take place in Melbourne / Australia. Please visit our distribution partner Cell Systems Biology in the exhibition. The meeting gathers together researchers, manufacturers, suppliers and others with an active interest in bioprocessing as applied to a broad range of industrial and academic research areas. Informative presentations and the […]

Skin-on-a-Chip and EpiIntestinal-on-a-BioChip at ESTIV 2018

Welcome our talk “Skin-on-a-chip with an automated air-liquid interface” and our poster “EpiIntestinal on a BioChip” at the 20th International Congress on In Vitro Toxicology (ESTIV 2018) in Berlin.   Skin-on-a-chip with an automated air-liquid interface Wiest J., Eggert S., Alexander F.A. We present a label-free solution that leverages the use of the intelligent mobile […]