ICBA 2017

2nd int’l Conference on  Biomaterials and Applications (ICBA 2017)


Oral presentation: Automated microphysiometer for assessment of cytotoxicity

Cytotoxic properties of new chemicals or drugs have to be assessed before they enter into the market. Here we present an automated method to investigate the interaction of soluble substances with living cells. Living cells are cultivated on a BioChip which measures their cellular respiration, extracellular acidification and changes in impedance online. With an automated fluidic system different concentrations of the substance under investigation can be transported to the cells. This makes it possible to determine the cytotoxic potential of the substance. By removing the substance it is possible to monitor the recovery of the cells and to distinguish between a true toxic effect and an inhibitory effect. Examples from fields as environmental monitoring, eye irritation testing and repeated dose toxicology are presented. An outlook toward the development of organ on chip systems is given.

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