Meet us at the “35th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society“.

cellasys will contribute with an invited talk “Label-Free Monitoring of Whole Cell Vitality” and a poster entitled “Evaluation of an Inkjet Printed Biochip”.

Label-Free Monitoring of Whole Cell Vitality
The Intelligent Mobile Lab (IMOLA) delivers metabolic and morphological parameters of living cells in a label-free and real time way. It represents a key technology for the development of new cell-based assays. Electrochemical microsensors are used to measure the extracellular acidification (pH), cellular respiration (pO2), changes in cell number and morphology (electric impedance) in a controlled environment. These parameters are closely linked to the intracellular signaling network of the living cells. They are thus likely to respond sensitively to changes in cellular vitality. A wide spectrum of cell types can be tested with the system, including adherent and suspended cells, continuous cell lines, primary cells or tissue samples. The platform is described in detail and applications in the field’s oncology, toxicology and environmental monitoring are shown.

Evaluation of an Inkjet Printed Biochip
Micro-sensor biochips have various applications in the field of live sciences. In this work, we present first results from a biochip manufactured in inkjet technology. The micro-sensor, contacts and conductors of this biochip were printed with an inkjet process onto a flexible Kapton substrate. The micro-sensor is an interdigitated electrode structure comprising of a mixture of carbon nanoparticles and multi-walled carbon nanotubes. In our project the reaction of the structure toward changes in pH, dissolved oxygen concentration, glucose and lactate was evaluated.

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