EMBC 2012

cellasys presents a Minisymposium on “Monitoring of living cells” at the 34th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine & Biology Society. Speakers include Dr. Martin Brischwein, Dr. Johannes Clauss and Dr. Martin Koch.

EMBC 2012 Minisymposium “Monitoring of Living Cells” in Room Sapphire 410 on Friday 31th August 2012 from 16:30 h until 17:30 h:

I) Martin Brischwein (TU Munich, Germany): Label-Free, Sensor-Based Cell Assays: State of the Art

Cell based assays provide information to the chemical, pharmaceutical, food industries and to physicians for diagnostic and therapeutical decisions. While such assays are typically bound to the use of (optical) markers, label-free assays working with microsensor techniques have emerged.

II) Joachim Wiest (cellasys GmbH, Germany): Electrochemical Technology and Methods for Data Processing for Label Free Monitoring of Living Cells

The presented work describes various microsensor technologies which are suitable for online, marker-free, multi-parametric monitoring of living cells. Furthermore different aspects of data processing, interpretation and correlation are discussed.

III) Johannes Clauss (TU Munich, Germany): Label Free Cellular Monitoring: From in Vitro to in Vivo

Label-free monitoring technologies for biological and chemical analysis are fast growing. For in vivo analysis these label-free techniques are even more crucial than for in vitro measurement. A wireless implant system including an amperometric oxygen sensor for the human body was developed, which can be implanted next to a tumor. The sensor system is capable of continuously monitoring tissue in vivo under real-time conditions over a long period of time.

IV) Martin Koch (Feldkraft Ltd., Denmark): Manipulation of Living Cells by Employing Dynamic Fields

Living cells can be swayed by dynamic fields via magnetic nanoparticles. A hereto related procedure is the well known therapy called hyperthermia. In these treatments electromagnetic fields in our case however magnetic fields are applied.

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